Saturday, August 7

Reach is Gold

Halo: Reach has gone gold. The game is officially, officially done and dusted. No more bug fixes. No tweaks to animations. Done.

So what's to steal from the weekly Bungie Update? This week it's the vehicles of Reach. Fucking A, I can't wait till the Hog with rockets. Moar rockets please!

I’m Driving!

Along with the Midship misfires, the new vehicle stable seems to have thrown some people for a loop. Let’s talk traversal.

Aerial Assault

The Revenant is a cherry red Covenant assault vehicle featuring room for two and a terrifying plasma cannon affixed to the top of the chassis. It’s nasty. If you run into it in campaign, you’ll want to commandeer it, or kill it immediately. Come to think of it, same goes for multiplayer.

Ridin' Dirty

Some shots made it look like the passenger might ride dirty on the backside, but as you can see, if you call shotgun you’re hanging off the side. The driver fires the mortar. It’s not nearly as powerful as the Wraith’s cannon, and the arc is less pronounced, but the rate of fire is cranked up a few ticks and the Revenant’s propulsion systems also make it nice and agile. (All the better to splat people with.)


The Rocket Hog should be fairly self-explanatory. It’s a Warthog with Rockets and it is awesome.


Drive it towards stuff and watch that stuff asplode.

Ghost is Busted!

The Falcon seats five for campaign dramatics, but when you fly the friendly skies, you’ll only be able to cart three into the battlefield. You on the stick and two friends on the guns. In campaign, you’ll run into a few different configurations, including one outfitted with some meatier mounted guns, but in multiplayer, the only armaments are the two machine gun turrets dangling dangerously over the side rail.

In for Some Chop.

Make sure you take a wing-man in multiplayer. If you’re flying solo, you’re a sitting duck. 

Hitching a Ride.

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