Tuesday, May 4

JJ Briefly Reviews the Beta before he rests his weary eyes.

Let's call this one blowback!
So the Halo Reach Beta. I got a double kill on my first action in my first game. I threw a grenade at the first thing I saw and GNOP! I think I stole a kill or two!* Not that I intended to throw a grenade mind you, I was just pressing buttons like willy on his nilly. None the less a double kill is a double kill and I thought to myself, "Woah Reach is gonna be easy".

Were it so easy.

As you probably did, I played a few games wondering what the how the hell all these new fangled Halo weapons worked, getting as good as I gave. That Powerhouse is an instant Halo map classic. Swordbase? OMG, that's what Bungie want us to test on? It's dull and does not inspire.

I played sic games of team slayer and game out evens, and had a true blast. However playing Lonewolves style on Swordbase chasing Mr Ghost Rider's head left right and centre was pretty darn fun too. Skullfuck for the win!

Gameplay wise it felt like Halo, the new weapons will in time become kind of fun I expect, I really enjoyed the DMR.

The new default layout was annoying so I tried Recon setting, it could be quite a good un.

The medals were lots of fun - a headshot a sprinter and got a reward. I'll take that thanks!

You can check out the Global Stats here. Over one million players served today!

If you want some game play tips, check out Cody Milllers.

So, Beta fans, has it lived up to your expectations? Where have Bungie hit the mark? And where not!?

* It was only my second game in I heard some guy whining about 'stole my kill' Team slayer is a team game, suck it up fat boy!

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