Friday, March 5

A lazy Saturday Morning Reach Round Up

The wife made omelettes and I did the dishes so now it's time for a Halo Round Up of the week and some new bits and pieces.

First things first, check out my new Master Chief figurine as he meets Optimus Prime:

Prime: I can turn into a truck! What can you do? Chief: At least I have my hands Prime. 

Less important than the new edition to Jimmy Jangle's toy collection was the release of a Reach Multiplayer film. If I was you I'd go watch it on your 40" screen in HD. Else go watch the trailer here. It's total Full Halo Glory (tm)! Some decent analysis is here and here

You may have heard the Xbox live will shortly no longer support original xbox titles. This includes Halo 2 - which means no more multiplayer etc and the DEATH OF YOUR CLAN ! SUXXORS EH? Microsoft have come to the party to relieve the pain somewhat and are offering free MS Points, 3 months XBL gold subscription and most immportantly a free key to the Halo Reach Beta Test. If you received this email from XBL, you'll be awarded / gifted the package in due course. 

Here's a picture that was put up of the Bungie staff hard at work making Halo Reach into the best damn xbox game possible. Noble Actual learnt that some fans are pretty keen and live on every word Marcus Lehto says too...

And because I can, here's Grin and Bear It's most awesome halo joke:

Now kids, go and play outside in the sunshine. Kat will get over the joke I'm sure. Your Xbox will still be there when you get back ok? As Urk may say, we out!

Speaking of Prime, check out his 101 Tips for Life

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