Frag this!

What's blue and sticky? 

The Weekly Bungie update is up and it has this great tid bit of information about frag grenades in Reach:

Urk writes to the Faithful:

"And since we’re talking about lobbing grenades, I should note that the team has added a pretty slick new mechanism to the fragmentation fold. Now when you lob a pineapple towards some unsuspecting schmuck camping around the corner, you’ll notice the Bouchon assembly has a small, orange tracer attached to it. Not only can you pick up incoming frags much easier with a quick glance, if you look carefully, you’ll also notice that the tracer is actually emitting light that has an effect upon the surrounding environment. So, even if you happen to have your audio system muted, you’ll still be able to pick up on grenades that prime near your position.

Pretty nifty, eh? There’s more. Should you happen to have your surround sound kicking at full capacity, you’ll be privy to the second layer of changes made to the fragmentation grenade. Just before the nade gets ready to blow, you’ll hear a brief metallic clink that lets you know you need to get clear. Of course, if it’s a loud clink, you’re probably about to take the full brunt of the blast, but hey, at least you’ll know what killed you when you take the finishing shot from some fool’s Magnum. No more, “What!? He only shot me once!” It’ll be nice and clear what did the majority of the dirty deed."

Cool, it reminds me kind of like Call of Duty 3....

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