Thursday, February 25

10 Ten Halo People to Follow on Twitter

Cortana was no twit. 

So Halo Reach Game News got it's 200th Twitter follower this week which I'm pretty happy about. I take every new follower as a small vote of confidence that HRGN is do the job it intends to do - sharing the Halo Love. My 200th follower was a dude who has cramps. I hope you get better soon buddy!

Any ways I thought I'd share who I think are the 10 best people to follow on Twitter if you want Halo news. Obviously, Halo Reach News is the best account to follow but I accept sometimes you need more than my leet blogging skillz to get you through the day. Right? Right*.

10 Teen Halo Twitter Accounts:

Bungie Tweets. They incorporate tweets from and seemingly Halo.Bungie.Org news. Are those guys close or what? Hey Mr Wu - get your own account!

Grunts R Us. For once these boys are noobs at something....

Thel Vadamee. Look, the Arbiter would have my guts for garters if I didn't include him OK?

Achronos. I think he's a ninja or some thing.

Major Nelson. This is the guy that proves Halo is played more than Gears of War, week in, week out. Take that Clif!

Stosh. You know how that Urk dude on always blames Stosh? Now you can too!

BS Angel. A Queen of the Halo community. Also has a filthy bent...

Marty. He makes Halo sound like Mozart.

Waypoint. These guys are forging the Halo community from the Microsoft side.

Empress Cortana. Another Good Keen Halo fan.

Extra for Experts: AI Cortana. Another, another Good Keen Halo fan....

There's more good Halo twitter's out there, and fans too - who are yours? Leave some names in the comments! If the Lone Wolf is on Twitter, lemmno OK? I have questions about that Pegasi operation.

*That was an R.E.M. reference for all you EMO kids. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! STOP RUNNING ACROSS MY LAWN!


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is Jimmy is a secret MCR fan!

Jimmy Jangles said...

Ssshhhh. Who told you that?

Jimmy Jangles said...

Wa about ?

Anonymous said...

lol john117 isint happy lol