Thursday, March 20

Didact cosplay from Halo 4

The Didact from Halo 4 by way of a cosplayer. So presumably the first Didact, not the second one....

didact cosplay

Sunday, March 16

Phil Spencer knows Halo 5 has to be great

Halo 5 concept art

Phil Spencer is a Xbox big wig. He was at the fore of the Xbox One’s release (yeah, he had his moments #dealwithit) and has general responsibility for selling a lot of consoles for Bill Gates. 

Recently he had cause to chat with Wall Street Journal about Halo. Here’s what he had to say:

 “The journey begins in 2014. I like to say it’s the reason why I still have a job, because, in many ways, the original Halo justified the original Xbox as a gaming platform. It became the breakout hit. It was foundational in creating Xbox Live when Halo 2 came out. I’m really excited to see what 343 does with Halo on Xbox One. I think that’s going to be great.”

Is foundational even a word?

When asked why Halo 5 was not a launch title for Xbox One:

“Halo is our most important entertainment franchise at the company. It’s a $3 billion franchise if you look at all the products that have been sold for Halo. As a standalone business, as a standalone entity, it’s a really important franchise. 

You want to make sure you have the right product in market. There’s the axiom that a game is only late once, but it’s bad forever. There’s the axiom that a game is only late once, but it’s bad forever.

Which basically means 343 Industries is taking their time with Halo’s development and are most definitely not in the mindset of the Call of Duty producers who seem to release the same game annually. 

"You want to make sure when that game comes out that it’s true to the heritage of what Halo is. Halo’s been a strong franchise for us for over a decade and I want to keep it that way."

This is great to hear and we can’t wait until we get some real news from Frankie and co about the game. I think this concept art is the only stuff we’ve seen since the announcement.