Monday, September 2

So Halo 5 is actually Halo 5 afterall?

halo 5 logo

Axis Animation may let the cat out of the bag that the next Halo game will actually be called Halo 5. While that seems a no brainer, when the trailer for the said Halo game was released, it made no mention of the number or name. Many people did assume that it was Halo 5 of course. I certainly had some thoughts. 

Axis Animation have official Vimeo page that's now been set to private which had a fancy version of the trailer which apparently showed the above image.

Obviously there's no word on whether this version was made before the trailer / teaser came out. Axis does a lot of animation for Microsoft and its assorted studios, including the Spartan Ops videos so you know that it was a least at one time a legit video / screenshot.

But really what's in a name? Combat Evolved is a stupid title that marketing people made Bungie throw on to the word Halo. Luckily that game actually lived up to it's promise...

While some might say the Halo franchise ended in 2007 when Halo 3 finished the fight, us fan boys will lap this up. 

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