Saturday, July 6

The Pit returns in new Halo 4 DLC

This has nothing to do with Halo but I thought you might like it...
Polygon reports there's ANOTHER round of Halo DLC coming out in August:

"Halo 4 will receive new multiplayer maps and an additional mode called Ricochet as part of the Champions Bundle343 Industries announced during a Rooster Teeth Expo livestream.

The downloadable content will be available as a complete bundle or separate packs. The Bullseye Pack will introduce sports-themed Spartan armor and new maps Pitfall, which is a remake of Halo 3's The Pit, and Vertigo. The pack's new mode, Ricochet, introduces 5v5 gameplay in what the developer calls "combat basketball." Players will compete for possession of a ball while scoring points, attacking and defending. Players can either throw the ball into the goal or run it in, which rewards more points.
New weapons and armor, including the Prefect, Mark V and ODST armor sets, will be available for separate purchase in the Infinity Armor Pack and the Steel Skin PackPlayers must purchase the map pack or complete bundle to receive the new mode for the first two weeks. Afterwards, it will be live for everyone via matchmaking.odst, halo 4, dlc
The Champions Bundle will be available Aug. 20 for 800 Microsoft Points. It will not be included as part of Halo 4's Season Pass." 
Due to being pretty busy with a job and baby and a preference for campaign games these days, I haven't even played on the last round of DLC maps. I'm such a naughty Halo fan....

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