Monday, April 29

Cody Miller decided to edit Halo's final scene with Lasky and 117 - is it better?

Cody Miller, a well known Halo gamer, decided to edit the final Halo cut scene as he felt the Chief talking about Cortana was a bit cheesy. Here’s the edited video.

“Contrast this with the scene directly afterwards. Lasky has been somewhat established now and his conversation with the Chief is written as a natural reaction to the events that preceded the scene. I wish that's what the whole game felt like!

The Chief's last two lines ruined it for me. They were so cheesey and absolutely unnecessary, that they took a nice moment and really messed it up. We're not stupid. When Lasky says 'we're not machines' and the chief turns his head, that's all we need. We know what he's thinking. If I were editing this cutscene I would have done away with the lines. In fact, why not edit them out now?”

Putting the Chief’s line in was deliberately done for people who cannot draw the dots – like movies always do with flash backs to key early scenes so people remember the ‘loaded gun’ moment.

Either way, I had no issue with the lines. I thought Halo 4 was pretty well scripted (except for that crazy dude that ordered Cortana shut down). What do you think of Cody’s change?

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