Sunday, March 31

Gears of War 4 announced, features Justin Fenix, son of Marcus

In a move that should surprise absolutely no body, Epic games has announced Gears of War 4. Following very quickly on the release of GOW Judgement, it's clear that Epic is on a 'conquer and cash up' mission with the Gears franchise, presumably to squeak out a final game in the series before the next generation Xbox console is shipped.

The all too brief launch trailer for Gears of War 4 sets the scene up. 26 years after Marcus Fenix defeated the Locust queen, a new hero is needed to rise up and protect the people of Sera. Who is it this hero? Well you may as well rename this game 'Son of Marcus' as Marcus Fenix's son Justin appears to be the only COG solider capable of defeating the new threat - who just happens to be the son of the Locust Queen, Lord Slane.

The trailer makes it clear this is not straight forward story - doubts swirl over whether Justin is really the son of Marcus and Anya and just how did the Locust manage to recover after being seemingly wiped out at the end of GOW3 by Adam Fenix's device?

Gear of War 4 will be released for Xbox only on 1 April 2014.

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