Tuesday, March 12

Find out how to download the ME3 Citadel DLC soundtrack for free

The producers of Mass Effect have given fans another reason to love them (guess they are making up for something) and have allowed gamers to download the music to the recent Citadel DLC for free. That's right, those suppposed microtransaction loving tight wads at EA allowed something valuable to be given away for free. Their shareholders must be seething with rage!

Seriously, it's a pretty cool thing do to -instructions on how to download the soundtrack are here.

Here's the official guff "Sam Hulick, Cris Velasco, and Sascha Dikiciyan came together to compose an emotional and powerful score for this personal journey. The BioWare team is proud to present 20 new tracks from the Mass Effect universe, available to download now at no additional charge."

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