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Saturday, October 27

Mass Effect movie progressing?

Word on the street is that a Mass Effect movie is still in the works. Apparently  screenwriter Morgan Davis Foehl has been tapped to write another script. Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich wrote a draft of Mass Effect some time ago, but given how terrible THAT movie* was, I'm not surprised Foehl has been given the chance to beat the movie into shape.

Given Gears of War is in development hell, and the Halo movie was reduced the to Forward Unto Dawn series, I'll believe a Mass Effect movie is happening when I have the ticket in my hands. 

Still you can always watch the animated film that's serves a prequel to ME3.

*Protosevich also rewote the terrible I am Legend, the flop that was the Poseidon - I wonder if he's been living off the glory of the The Cell for too long. Let's hope Jurassic Park IV doesn't suck. 

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