Monday, October 1

Jesse Synder confirms Halo 4 DLC

halo 4 mantis attacked by spartan

Jesse Synder confirms Halo 4 DLC

While there has never been any doubt about Halo 4 featuring DLC, Jesse Synder has confirmed it will happen:

@thejessesnyder What do you do now? Down time for a bit? Immediately start on the next thing?

Halo-wise? Well, we did come out announcing a trilogy, so there’s that. But really, the team gets some R&R (the team deserves some well-earned vacation), there’s DLC to be made and so fourth. 343 as a whole has a lot going on, so there’s always something to work on. Most of which I can’t talk about in any real detail.

So save your pennies.

Read Jesse's page to find out more about what went into the making of Halo 4. 

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