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Saturday, September 29

Win an Xbox and Halo 4 with Gears of Halo and GameStop


Lone Wolf failed to get in touch and GrimBrotherOne won in the redraw. Box is now in his keen hands, congrats to you!

LoneWolf Mcquaid was drawn from the hat!!

Please make contact asap via to get details on how to claim your Xbox!

 Win an Xbox and Halo 4 with Gears of Halo and GameStop!

GameStop has offered Gears of Halo readers the chance to win an Xbox and a copy of Halo 4:

Exciting news, Spartans! Now through November 6th, those who pre-order Halo 4 at GameStop get three bonus exclusives that YOU choose! Vote each day for your favorites and a get a chance to win a $500 GameStop gift card. Visit to enter and get complete details.

In addition to the three bonus exclusives, the following exclusives are also available with pre-orders at GameStop:

· Customizable Forest Armor Skin

· Mjolnir, Assassin, and Bonebreaker Emblem Set (PowerUp Rewards members only)

To sweeten the deal even more, GameStop is offering Gears of Halo fans, an exclusive chance to win an Xbox 360 and copy of Halo 4 once the game comes out on November 6th.

To win the loot, just Like this page on Facebook or Google Plus and then comment on this post with the bonus exclusive you will be voting for at and we’ll pick one random winner (must be 18 and live in the USA). Contest ends on October 28th and all rights are reserved and our decision is final.


James Ryan said...

The Avatar is looking good.... get cracking people.

ConanTHEepic said...

I'm liking the br skin. The arctic looks sweet!

DDE said...

I'll see my avatar 1/1000 of the time I'll be staring down the sights of my BR for the next few years. The Arctic Skin just makes more sense, unless everyone can unlock it through gameplay. Even so, why would I get rid of my Spartan 117 avatar from Anniversary?

Fuzunga said...

Yeah, I'd rather have the BR skin. I've got better avatar accessories as it is.

LoneWolf Mcquaid said...

Artic warfare skin all the way.... Definitely better than the avatar skins...weird though, considering I don't think there's any snow on Requiem..... But anyways, yeah; arctic skin.

goku262002 said...

The green warrior armor is useless anyways since we will be getting gold warrior armor when we watch those presidential debates. I'll go for the Artic BR weapon skin, can't get that by any other means.

GrimBrother One said...

Definitely the BR skin. Would rather have something in-game than on-dash, lol.

Dave Solano said...

I would definitely pick the BR skin since there's already a ton of spartan avatar gear out already.

50437 said...

I picked the Arctic Battle Rifle Weapon Skin

I follow you on facebook

ACEWIN said...

I could use this! +1 on G+

ACEWIN said...

I picked the yellow armor... better than the theme.

+1'd on G+, and liked on FB

Damon Wiilson said...

I picked the theme. I have no use for the armor
+1'd, and liked.

Anonymous said...

i think the ghost prop would be the better choice

antonio cervantes said...

i picked the rifle skin its cool to be able to customize the weapon

James Ryan said...

LoneWolf Mcquaid - you were drawn out of the hat by my work colleague! Can you get in touch asap - via the site or email with your contact details so I can pass them onto GameStop so they can send your prize!