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Tuesday, February 7

ME3 will infiltrate your iOS

Electronic Arts has announced the Mass Effect juggernaut is be coming to the realm of iOS as a new game called Mass Effect: Infiltrator. It is a tie in to Mass Effect 3 which is being released next March.

The game was described as a "fully featured iOS third-person shooter" which will showcase "stunning graphics and authentic weapons and powers from the Mass Effect series."

The plot for Infiltrator centers around helping free prisoners from a hostile Cerberus base, and that players will "receive rewards" for collecting evidence of Cerberus' crimes.

EA declared that "Every completed rescue and intelligence discovery in Infiltrator will increase a player's Galactic Readiness rating directly through the 'Galaxy at War' system in Mass Effect 3."

The internet suggests this will affect only the PC version of ME3. You can also apparently unlock in game ite,s.

That’s a sure fire way to hook in more players and make more moolah!

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