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Leak questions geth role in Citadel battle

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners
August 24, 2186
Leak questions geth role in Citadel battle
By Amita Qasid
VANCOUVER, EARTH – A leaked report has cast doubt on key facts in the Battle of the Citadel, backing up controversial claims by the long-marginalized “Citadel Conspiracy” movement.
In the report, acquired by the free-information group TruthHax, a top-secret emergency defense committee admits that the powerful dreadnought at the center of the battle may not have been of geth construction.
Key to the report is testimony by Commander Shepard, hero of the Alliance Navy and a decorated veteran. Shepard insists Saren Arterius’s flagship was actually one of many artificial intelligences separate from the geth and hostile to organic life.
Shepard’s credibility has declined in recent years amid reports of abetting the human supremacist group Cerberus. But in the leaked document, the defense committee appears to treat the Commander’s claims as a genuine possibility.
Shepard could not be reached for comment, having been relieved of duty by the committee.
Prime Minister Shastri was confronted with questions about the report today at a routine press conference, but waved them off, saying only: “It’s a big galaxy. The geth are one of many threats we talk about, and rest assured, the Alliance will be prepared for whatever comes our way.”
Amita Qasid is a political correspondent for ANN’s “Earth Standard” and a frequent contributor to ANN Magazine.
It's a shame reporter Diana Alders didn't get the scoop on this one eh? Also check out a diary entry by Sheppard that was found on the Bioware Blog last year. 

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