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Tuesday, December 20

2011: All Wrapped Up and under the Blogging Tree

In a case of The Cranberries ‘everyone else is doing it, why can’t we?’ mood, I’m joining the end of year best of posts meme that every blogger and his blog seems to be doing this month. Here’s a few of the most popular posts, my favourite posts, a couple of reviews and maybe what I think was my best work - the value of which is entirely up to you dear reader.

I've really enjoyed writing for Gears of Halo this year – ocassionally I even wrote some original articles!

Sometimes I simply copied cos play pictures from the internet, wrote some gobble-de-gook around them and you loved them. It’s true what they say about the internet and commerce – sex sells eh?


What could Gears of War 4 offer gamers? - What becomes of the Gears franchise now the Trilogy is done?
Quit bitching about paying for DLC you already have - and just play the game sucker.
Two Cranes and a Halo short film - Wellington. It rocks. So does PJ.
Have you noticed? - well have you?
I heart you Bungie - I declare my love for Bungie. To date my love is unrequited. Did I spell that right?
Gears of War 3's Insane ModeI wax lyrical about the awesomeness that is Gears of War’s Insane Difficulty setting. Do try it.

Popular posts cosplay posts:

Mystique Nude Cosplay Photos
Harley Quinn Cosplay Costumes
Body Painted Mass Effect Girls Nude
Body Painted Super Heroines - Does it mean they are nude?
Power Girl Cosplay Outfits
Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix Cos Play Photos

Game Reviews:

I only buy very few new games – I tend to stick to what I know – suffice to say here’s the new games I played this year:

Bioshock 2 – the sequel to Bioshock did the deed and held up as a very solid sequel.
Gears of War 3 – Gears 3 come out and kicked some ass.
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – Halo CE Redux has a lot going for it!
Mass Effect 2 – I was late to the party on this game but it was a great party!

Concept Art work:

I love concept art – seeing where ideas have come from and how they ended up in a game (or movie etc) is pretty cool.

Turned out Issac Hannaford knows how to draw a good Cortana
Halo Concept Art by various Bungie Artists - A round up of some Halo concept art
Levi Hoffmeier's Halo Concept Art
Halo 4 Concept Artwork by 343 – concept art as a promotional piece for Halo 4? Brilliant and novel marketing approach.
Mark Goldsworthy Reach Concept Art
Halo artwork by Paul Russel

Favourite Posts:

These posts are favourites because they are amusing or perhaps represented a cool thing that happened in the gaming universe this year.

Should Sheppard and Ashley Williams get back together? - This is a real issue people!
Star Trek Fans Nude Bike Ride WTF? – Trekies seem to love this page….
Top 10 Worst Cos Play Costumes Fails
Halo 4 announced at E3
Bungie's MMO is ONI
Destiny: Is Bungie making a MMO?
HBO indirectly confirms Destiny ;)

So what was your favourite post this year - and that can be from any where! See you in 2012 - now doubt with some full halo glory in the vein of Halo 4!

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