Friday, September 10

The last update....

In the last Bungie Weekly Update before the release of Halo: Reach, Bungie had this to say:

"Dearest Fans – After years of waiting, Reach is finally nearly upon us. Some of you may even already be playing, courtesy of an eager retail store that couldn’t wait until next Tuesday. But for the vast majority of you, we still have a few official days left and you’re patiently waiting, finger on the trigger.

Here at Bungie, we’re patiently waiting as well, but our finger is on a different trigger. Our team is standing at the ready behind the sights of our fully operational Banhammer Battlestation. We take the Reach online experience VERY seriously. Bungie has invested years of hard work creating a game that we want our fans to enjoy for years to come and we have zero tolerance for people who try and ruin that experience for others. The Xbox LIVE team also takes these matters very seriously and they too are aggressively taking action as needed. Modifying your console or the game itself is a violation of the terms of use for LIVE and Reach and will result in potentially severe penalties.

We are already aware of a number of nefarious deeds by a very small percentage of early adopters and we have already been taking action. We expect that a few more will turn up once the population explodes on September 14th. We will be ready, watching, waiting, firing at will on people who deserve it. We have all sorts of new fancy tools at our disposal now and as we start to come up to full speed we’ll be engaging all of them. Voice bans, host bans, console bans, gamertag bans, credit bans and the automatic habitual quitter penalty are but a few of our sharply honed weapons hungering for blood.

Please note that you may not always see immediate results. Sometimes it takes a little while, other times we elect to wait and gather data as to be 100% certain we’re not overreacting to false positive data. And still other times we may decide to escalate it to the security team at Xbox LIVE for an even greater ass-kicking. Rest assured though that Bungie is watching and we know who you are and what you’re doing.

To all of our fans who have been such big supporters of Bungie, Halo and Reach – THANK YOU. Please have fun playing Reach online and we’ll do our part to make it a fun place to play."

(Tyson also dropped by and wanted us to inform everyone that the Credit wipe we told you about last week has been initiated and that if you've gotten a hold of a legitimate, legally obtained copy of Halo: Reach, please feel free to fire it up and play.)

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