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Thursday, August 19

Outpost details

Hands-On New Halo: Reach Maps
Outpost map details stolen straight from G4TV
  • Trades the sleek purple Covenant lines for a dusty and desolate location in the middle of nowhere.
  • Hilly terrain means lots of cover and lots of places to toss a grenade over.
  • Massive Covenant gun huddles on the hillside overlooking the map.
  • Central building has a small but fairly defendable location if you cover all the entrances. Just watch out for grenades.
  • Ordnance spawns will force you out in the open.
  • One of the locations on this map is called "ONI Road," a nice little nod to another Bungie project. (That's a sweet Easter Egg!)
  • Scattered containers and debris provide decent coverage for coordinated attacks
  • Best bet: Hole up in the central building, and cover all the exits. Watch for grenades and spawn outside the building if you die so you can clean baddies off the outside.

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