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Tuesday, August 17

Halo Waypoint to be released on Windows 7 Mobile Phones

Ohhhh this is our 404th post. Don't say Halo Reach Game News doesn't deliver cause we are like the Mailman and always deliver! Keep reading and if the ending of the Reach game sux, I might just go postal!

Ne ways word on the streets of Germany is that Microsoft announced that a whole lot of games are going to be release on sell phones that have the Windows 7 platform.

Included in that list of games was a Halo game. Queue fan boys opening new savings accounts.... well that's what some shite websites reported. Maurico who runs an awesome tech blog, Geekzone has the list of Windows 7 games - and the Halo game? It's actually Halo Waypoint!

This totally makes sense as part of the hype with Windows 7 being on phone devices is that the games you buy will be connected to Xbox Live and your own XBL account - thus you can rack up gamer points on your commute.

Still, I'm not gonna ditch my iphone for anything!! I can't wait to download Taylor Swift's Speak Now to it! ;)

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