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Friday, July 23

Versus Firefight and Forge World Announced at Comic Con

So Bungie has put in a presence at Comic Con 2010 to promote Halo Reach. Here's what they announced as part of the proganda speak:

"Building on the already robust features of its Forge editor, Bungie has taken the toolset to a whole new level, and the result if Forge World, a massive interactive space comprised of five connected maps where up to eight players can build, create, and share maps using Forge’s robust and intuitive creation capabilities.

Bungie also revealed Reach’s Versus Firefight mode, in which teams of two players battle against each other as either Elites supported by Covenant AI or as Spartans. They also showed off Gruntpocalypse, which, as the name suggests, pits you against a never-ending onslaught of those adorable little bastards."

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