Thursday, May 27


Originally published at Songs of Ascent

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine a few snippets of news came out about the proposed Songs of Ascent album.
The author of the article, Brian Hiatt,  noted that the band is “debating whether the next record will consist of songs from the No Line on the Horizon sessions – the unfinished album known as Songs of Ascent – or an entirely new set of tunes.”
This puts the future of the supposedly fantastic, Every Breaking Wave in doubt some what?
U2 singer Bono is quoted as saying, “I would like to put out an album quickly, but we’re only going to do it if it’s great.”
Then there’s a little paragraph in the Rolling Stone piece about the  U2 YouTube Rose Bowl gig and Adam Clayton says this, apparently not joking, “We started with the idea of going back to Morocco and performing No Line on the Horizon in sequence for YouTube, but we ran out of time to rehearse for that.”
Also regarding the next leg of the tour in 2010, Edge says, “Because of the YouTube broadcast, I can’t imagine that we’d come back and continue with that exact same show. We’ll want to develop and adapt it. The next time people see us, there will be new things to show.”
The gig the Edge refers to is U2′s Anaheim gig at Angels Stadium.

Fans are patiently waiting for U2 to release Songs of Experience.

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