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Thursday, May 27

U2 lyrics

So like where the bloody hell have I been lately dear readers*? It's been All quiet on the Optimus Prime Experiment Front, not even as stirring of a mouse.

I've been making a new website. Dedicated to the best band in the world, and that's a fact, U2.

All U2's Song Lyrics is my effort at making a home for the lyrics of Bono and the Edge. Why go to this site and not some other dodgy lyric site you might ask? Well I've tried to add some information about the songs, what their inspiration might have been and the story around it to help give the reader a better perspective.

As an example, check out the lyrics of:

While I've been building up the site's content, I've been listening to U2 like crazy and loving re-exploring great albums like War and The Unforgettable Fire. The current tour has been going great guns with some sweet set lists that have throwing up some old school U2 such as MLK.

If you're still reading this you might just be a fan - visit All U2's Song Lyrics and tell me what you think!

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