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Friday, May 28


You might be wondering why I have published 10 odd pages of copy unrelated to Halo just now.... sorry if your twitter stream got flooded with the random stuff.

Turns out a website called has been taking the RSS feed and putting my posts into their website which they then use to attract readers and subscribers and try and leverage that some how.

It's out and out theft of my content. Sure, you can borrow from here and there with the proper link back to the page (I do this trick all the time) - at the very least it's a courtesy.

So I've published these random pages to screw with and also to get the benefits that having my pages published with links in them has - check out the page I wrote on this search engine optimisation technique.. to explain it and thanks Graywolf SEO for the inspiration!

Normal Halo Reach publishing will resume shortly....

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