Monday, May 3

According to Amazon, 1 September is the release date for Halo: Reach!!

According to Amazon, 1 September 2010 is the release date for Halo: Reach.

Behold the page for the purchase of the Halo Legendary Edition: 

Now of course this could simply be wishful thinking on behalf of Amazon but when a major retailer updates its page to a specific date, this could be a real indication that Reach's released date has been confirmed.

The release date is the same for the standard and limited versions of Reach. 

So, over to you, wildly enthusiastic internet, what do you think? Is this a genuine release date?


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll be taking that day off!!

Joseph said...

Considering September 1st is a Wednesday and games are almost always released on a Tuesday, unless it is a Japanese game, I think this is just wishful thinking especially considering Walmart has been having a one-day shipping option on the game set for September 27th for quite some time now.

Anonymous said...

So.... 28th it could be then. YUSS!