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Friday, April 2

That thing is operational!

Stick this up your shield

Bungie Weekly Update has a whole lot of news this week, here's a bit about shields and melee....

We should also clarify a little bit of information about popping player’s shields. In previous titles, when you were laying into a shielded opponent and bringing them right to the brink of shieldlessness, any damage you did before the pop would transfer into their underlying health. Hypothetically, let’s say they had 5 points of shield left when you clocked them for 10 points of damage. The result would be the loss of their shields and a 5 point reduction to their heath.

Not anymore.

Now those additional 5 points are absorbed by the shields as they wink out of existence and the underlying health is left unscathed.

Perhaps the place this impact will be felt the most is in melee combat. Ostensibly this means that if your opponent is shielded to any degree when you land a melee strike, they will not die. You’ll pop their shields. If their shields are gone, however, they’ll drop like a rock.

For those fearing that this new model will impact weapons like the Sniper Rifle, rest easy. The Long Rifle is exempt, as are other weapons you might expect to be. Rockets will be a one hit kill at close range, as will the Shotgun, even though the April Fools’ ViDoc might have indicated otherwise.


Joseph said...

I was a little bummed to read that the assassinations only work from behind the opponent. For a while there they were making it sound like they are difficult to execute however they were instant kills regardless of the orientation of the player. I am however thrilled that the melee combat is not how it appears in Halo 3. Nothing gets me more annoyed in matchmaking than getting the jump on an enemy and he kills me by shooting me a little bit and finishing me off with a melee. The melee combat was far superior in Halo 1 and 2 where it was more of a contest between two people to see who could hit and dodge better.

The one line that got me in the Weekly Update was with regard to the Jetpack Armor Ability: “If you’re get too close to the sun, you’ll need to worry about the landing, so make sure you save some juice to soften the approach.” (I’ll let the grammatical error pass)

Does this mean you take damage from long free falls or do you get dazed if you fall too far without finding a way to slow down? Either way this will certainly change the dynamic of combat in multistory multiplayer maps.

Joseph said...

Nevermind I just listened to the old podcast, they need to quick making those things so long or provide a transcipt.