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Wednesday, April 28

Sixokay's commentary on Birth of a Spartan

Sixokay knows their Halo, hmmkay?

Sixokay has put together an excellent commentary on the Birth of a Spartan video (it's a promo for Halo Reach)

Here's my favourite bit:

"Halo has always been generous with it’s references and homages to other science fiction greats, including Aliens, Star Wars, and Firefly. With that in mind, I couldn’t help but post this obvious reference to one of Star Wars’ iconic shots of the Millenium Falcon being pulled into the Death Star hangar bay.

This also represents, as the shot in Star Wars did, the mythological journey of the hero into the inmost cave, where he must face his inner battle to come out the other side as the hero he’s meant to be."

Which reminds me, is Luke Skywalker a hero, or a super hero?

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