Thursday, April 1

Reach to play on a PS3!!

In a completely unexpected move announced minutes ago, Halo studio Bungie, revealed it will bring Halo: Reach to Sony’s PlayStation 3 a week earlier and $10 cheaper than that of its Xbox 360 brother.

“We’ve wished to harness the massive power of the PlayStation 3 for one of our games for ages now and truly felt Reach, with its epic scope, was a perfect match for the system,” Brian Jarrard, creative director on the Halo: Reach project told Blast Magazine this morning.

What’s more, the studio said it plans to offer the game for PS3 enthusiasts at a cheaper price point of $49.99 on September 7, a week before it comes to Xbox 360.

“We wanted to make up for lost time with the PS3 crowd and saw this as an opportunity to dazzle the fans both creatively and where they truly care; in their wallets,” Marcus Lehto, marketing manager of Halo: Reach said.

Reach coming to the PS3 will mark the first time in over a decade the studio has developed for anyone except Microsoft but Bungie promises that its team of engineers and designers know how to program for the PS3 backwards and forwards.

“We set up two teams after Halo 3 launched in September of 2007; one for Xbox 360 and one for Playstation 3 and since then have had only great things to say about the PS3,” Tom Patrick, a programmer for the project said.


jeremy said...

Xbox had over millions of people playing halo reach. Now think how many people would play it on ps3 plus the money,win/win for xbox and ps3. Ihad an xbox but it wouldn't work.know I got a ps3. I think it wold be really cool if bungie and microsoft put halo reach on a ps3 because I'm a fan of halo

Anonymous said...

meh. another fan boy fake.


bungie isnt retarded. they love their xbox 360 community and if they were to sell it on Ps3, it would be $10 more expensive.

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Jimmy Jangles said...

What was that date at the top of the article?

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