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Wednesday, April 28

Reach Beta Runs from 3 - 19 May

From B Net comes the news the Beta will officially run from 3 May to the 19th. That's two weeks to pawn noobs....

I expect it to go a little longer as what happened with Halo 3.

The beauty of running a beta of this scale (millions of people) is that's its a great way to buy that emotional committment to the game and also to generate boat loads of free publicity. Heck, if Microsoft paid me a dollar for every word I've written for Halo Reach Game News I coudl probably buy Bungie... ;)

Bungie has also reminded everyone that your player stats from the Beta games you play will be available on B net as per your Halo 3 and ODST matching making games.

Extra for Experts: 10 excuses to use to play the Reach Beta

Like the picture above? It is Seenoht 's "A Noble Hunt"

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