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Thursday, April 22

Reach Beta Avatar Clothing for XBL

Does my ass look fat in these jeans?
Grunts R Us found a sweet tweet from 343 Industries on their Twitter account today that included a picture of an avatar wearing a green shirt that says, “Reach Beta Tester”.

The tweet further mentioned that further details would be coming. As Grunts R Us speculated, those who enter the Halo Reach Beta Test programme will likely unlock this for the XBL account.

For those living under a rock, Bungie is launch a beta test of the Halo Reach Multiplayer on May 3.

I rewatched the Carnival Carnege Vidoc and noted that Lukems talks about wearing an avatar beta shirt, I presume it was in reference to this!

You need your ODST game disk to get Beta access.

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