Friday, April 30

More on Activision news....

So you might have heard the news that Bungie signed with Activision as the publisher of the new Bungie IP, whatever that might be... HBO' staffers scored a pretty awesome interview with Bungie about the deal.

Here's a taste:

Miguel Chavez: There was a bombshell announcement made recently that's all the buzz on the internet. We're here w/ Brian and Joe of Bungie, and they promise to answer the question on everyone's mind:
Brian Jarrard: These money pants are chafing me.
Miguel Chavez: Why did Pro Wrestling starlet Chyna beat up on another chick?
Brian Jarrard: Oh wait we started, scratch that...
Joe Staten: Where's the key to my Ferrari?
Claude Errera: I hate you all.
Miguel Chavez: OK, just kidding. The real question: Bungie is moving to Arizona to support the legal immigrant population?
Joe Staten: I mean my Corolla (seriously).
Brian Jarrard: Chyna clearly has anger issues, stemming from her childhood.
Miguel Chavez: All right, enough of that: When will Halo: CE come out for Windows 7?
Claude Errera: Wait, there are legal immigrants?
Brian Jarrard: this transcript = gold
Miguel Chavez: No one's touching my lawn unless they are Claude.
Claude Errera: I'm pretty sure there are still some groups we haven't insulted yet.
Joe Staten: Marty is insulted in absentia.
Claude Errera: Goes without saying.
Miguel Chavez: The fans are noticeably upset. I mean, it's like even the naysayers have figured out how to twist their panties just a *little* bit tighter. But I think there's precedent here vis a vis Bungie's initial arrangement with Microsoft over a decade ago. Is it fair to assume that since Bungie came out of that not only alive but stronger than it's ever been that the same will happen here w/ Activision?

Here's the full iv on HBO.

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