Thursday, April 1

Halo: Reach to have trees in it

Says Marcus Lehto

and - here’s an example of what I’m getting to see more of on a daily basis. This is a small clip of screenshot sent from one of our environment architects. Enjoy!


Today was a good day to see a bunch of amazing things coming together in the campaign.

The AI took some fantastic strides forward and are now fully utilizing some of their brand new capabilities. They are now looking more believable than ever.

We’ve also been building a bunch of what we’re calling “mega ambient moments” throughout the campaign. Sounds grandiose, I know, but some of them really do live up to the title. In the pastReach and have far more than before. They will really help make the campaign a richer experience.

Just saw some new assassination animations as well. Unbelievable. We may have to tone some of them back a bit, since I don’t really promote gratuitous violence, and we don’t want to get banned in some countries, hah! But, the variety we so far exhibit some that are strong and powerful and some that are hilarious – which is always fun.


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