Friday, April 23

Free Halo 2 goodie from Bungie?

We bid farewell to Halo 2 online last week. Bummer. To make up for it (ha!) Bungie might have a wee treat instore for us:

"Of course, anyone who played, ever, will be getting some visual love once Reach rolls around, as long as the gamertag you’re currently using tallied up an online game of Halo 2. We know you want to know exactly what it is, but to be honest, we haven’t finalized the flair just yet. It won’t be something as grand as a suit of armor, but we’ll make sure that other players are able to pick you out of a lineup based upon your Halo 2 loyalty. When we hammer out some more details, we’ll get in touch to hammer them home."

My pick is some more clothing for your XBL Avatar, kinda like the Beta Test T-shirt we're gonna get.

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