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Sunday, March 21

More Details on Reach's Active Roster

The Bungie weekly update has a huge wrap up of the news from a few days earlier about Active Roster. Here's a wee taste. Careful, its as bad ass as crack:

The Active Roster is the result of our lobby and Party system getting together with the Friends List, with Player Details getting on the action too.

Basically, the familiar list of players on the right side of the lobby now displays more than just your own Party. If you have it set to Xbox LIVE Friends, then it displays your Friends right there in the Roster. You can select them, see what they're doing, see if there's room in their Party, and join them. If a couple of Friends are in the same Party, you can see that right there. If you didn't like digging through the Guide to see who was doing what, you're going to appreciate how much easier this is. Full story here.

You may recall the previous Indian Ocean. Present Day clue from a while back. Turns out it was pretty lame (the clue, not the thing being referred to)

"Luke’s not so subtle tease from earlier in the year makes a little more sense now, eh? The internal analogy for the Arena comes from Top Gun and, more specifically, from the “Greenie Board” employed by Naval pilots. In the real world, no matter your military rank, the only thing that matters on the Greenie Board is the execution of each individual landing. In the case of Arena, that’s your individual play.

And if you're already in a party and just want to check people out, the Player Details display right there in the lobby now. Less navigating sub-screens. All of the customized Spartan and Elite models look hot on display, too."

More Details on this forum thread at Bungie.

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