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Saturday, March 20

How to get a great connection on Halo: Reach

How to get a great connection on Halo: Reach

Sick of lag? Sick of some dude in Australia screwing up your team slayer game? Bungie have seen your vomit bucket and decided to do something about terrible XBL connections. Here's how:

"Connection options were available in Halo 3, but they’ve now been improved and expanded on to be more effective in Reach. Instead of only being able to choose one, players can now pick and choose from all of the available options. So, it’s not really a prioritization, but more of a granular choice.

By default the game will always look for the “Fastest” search result, but players can then decide how much importance should be given to things like “Good Connection” (I only want to be in a game with people who have low latency), “Language” (I only want to play with people who share the same language as me), and “Skill” (I only want to play with people of a similar skill). The degree to which these factors influence your matchmaking searches are dependent on which playlist you’re in. For example, we would not allow “Language” to filter out opponents.

But be warned:

Connection Options CAN and WILL have a large impact on matching times

It’s the nuclear option. By setting your Connection Options to be more restrictive, you’re not adding a layer of preferences to the search – you’re informing matchmaking that you refuse to participate in anything but a game that does not meet your chosen criteria. So, in a perfect world nobody should set Connection Options and everybody should set up their Social Preferences.

If you’re worried about regional networking, rest easy. Matchmaking will now take into account your locale and match you up accordingly."


Thanks for clearing that up Urk, guess I'll only be playing with the Aussies cos the internet in NZ is shite!

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