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Wednesday, February 17

So Reach will help you find a Co-op Friend?

So. XBL Co-Op games. It seems since Halo 3 came out, that's been the default standard for all games since. Except Gears of War * had it first AND you could find randoms to play with when you found defeating General Raam too tough.

So, has Reach caught up to the standard set by Gears and will allow you to find co-op partners play campaign mode with?  Such a tool in Reach would make getting those 'Road to Recon 'type achievements much more realistic goals to achieve!

Will it happen? I found this line from a website who looked at another website who knew a dude that once hired a game of CE from a vid store who returned it late and didn't pay his fine:

"A source inside the Microsoft X10 event has informed us that while it hasn’t been made public knowledge as of yet, Halo Reach will feature Public Matchmaking for Cooperative game modes."

So, it could be that Reach will have true co-op matching making / find your partner for life tools....

I'm also wondering if Reach should offer a 'Chatroulette' feature for Halo fans. That could make for some interesting matchmaking....

* Yeah yeah, there was probably a million gmaes before GOW that had it....

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