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Saturday, February 20

Latency. It's a bitch but like your ex, you can do something about it.

The Ark 1

Latency. What the fuck Bungie? It's patent your game is broken. Fix your game! Or not. But's it's been a common call through the years when playing via XBL, on any game. Latency can be a pain in the ass, disrupting game play and leading to a losing streak. This has some thing Bungie has acknowledged before - here's a wee guide they put toghether for Halo 3. It's full of obvious, yet sensible advice such as making sure your wireless router is properly connected (as an aside I swear my Kill Death Ratio went up a percent or two when I went from a wireles router to a cable connected to the modem).

Urk has brought this issue of latency up but with a new twist. Read on Halo fan for something a little surprising...the problem is your flash tv.

Latency "it’s almost always been couched in the networking side of things. And while your broadband gear is a major player when it comes to smooth and seamless online play, there’s also some other hardware in your A/V rack that can impact your individual performance. Like, say, your television set."

“The perceived change in sensitivity is likely caused by lag in your HDTV. This causes you to over-correct and ends up feeling like the controls are "too fast." Sounds strange, but it’s true.

Here is a simple test to see if your HDTV has too much delay. Flick the look stick quickly to one side and listen for the 'click' when it hits the side of the controller. Simultaneously watch the screen and see how long it takes for your character to start turning. If you can hear the 'click' before you start turning, your HDTV (or component chain) has too much lag due to post-processing the image. "

That's a pretty odd thing to have to be worrying about this 'plug and play' era eh?

"Now go and try this same test on an old SDTV, you may notice a big difference between them. To fix this problem on the HDTV, Look for a 'Game Mode' in the menu, or turn off extra image processing, and then try the test again. Could be you're SOL, but most modern TV's have a few things you can do to decrease the lag. Google your TV specs or consult your manual for more information.'

I have no idea what SOL means in this context. NE 1? How heavy a factor does the tv have in your game play? It seems really odd this is an issue but if Bungie thought to make a note, it's certainly something to think about taking care of before the Reach beta starts!

FYI. I'm listening to the Superman theme as I write. Just letting you know, K? Oh U2 just came on. Awesome. I bet Adam plays Halo.


Seenoht said...

SOL = S**t Out of Luck

Jimmy Jangles said...

Cheers. Am suffering too many TLA.