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Wednesday, February 17

Halo Reach News Roundup

It's been a busy week or two at Halo Reach Game News due to all the wonderful news from X10 and a whole heap of interviews from the team at Bungie. Plus some random writing by your favourite Halo blog host. Right? I'm your favourite right?

I thought I'd do a round up of the interesting bits!

Are you a Halo fan or A Halo Fan?
Some gamers can casually play a game of Halo and  simply rather enjoy it. Other gamers seem to take it a lil bit too far and seemingly want to 
become Halo. Maybe they want dress up as Cortana. Maybe they want the Master Chief to Marry them. Maybe these people are more than Halo fans but are indeed Halo Fans

Why Halo: Reach will be better than Sex
This post title speaks for itself eh?

Have you seen Jonesy the cat?

Bungie, have laid on an Easter egg in the new Reach Vidoc which is a replay on the semi-infamous lost cat poster from Halo CE....

Has anyone solved the "whvidldshbyjsdo" acronym/puzzle yet?
It's one of those crazy acronym that Bungie have thrown out over the years. This one was put out in blatant site for all to ponder as the url for their ODST game page...

Is the Master Chief Noble 6?

No. The Master Chief is not the spartan referred to as Noble 6Noble 6 is the Lone Wolf. The Unnamed Spartan. The Ghost Who Walks. You know, the spartan that survived Pegasi, sir. In fact you are Noble 6. You get to inhabit the character as your venture across Reach with team Noble. 

Will the Engineers be in Reach?
In a word, yes. Bungie leave nothing to chance so when you see a picture of an engineer in a Halo Reach Vidoc, you can take it to the bank that an Engineer will appear in some shape or form in Halo Reach. 
Buzz It

Vidoc of Reach finally released

Here's Bungie's first propaganda piece video documentary for the Halo: Reach game we are all dying to see and play. 1 in 7 fanboys wet themselves on viewing. We can play the Beta on May 3 but till then we have to make do with the glimpses that the vidoc gave us.

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